Web News April 2019 – Netherhall School “Sponsor A Tree” Scheme

Coles Nurseries is pleased to have been both supporter and supplier for a recent schools planting project in Leicester.

In early January 2019 Jane Hauton from Netherhall School, contacted the sales office about a “Sponsor a Tree” scheme that the school wanted to run this season.

Jane visited the nursery on the 15th of January to discuss the trees that the school wanted. These were a mix of fruit, native broad leaf species, ornamentals and evergreens.

A list of fruit with suitable pollination partners along with native, ornamentals and evergreens was supplied and offered at Coles wholesale discounted rates.

The trees list was then offered to parents, school partners and supporters to select the trees they wanted, this resulted in 90 trees being sponsored.

The order was placed and a delivery date confirmed.

The planting was carried out by the students, teaching staff, parents and volunteers over a trying period of weather but all trees successfully planted.

Jane contacted Coles Nurseries after the planting event.

Hi Vince

Just wanted to write and say a huge thank you for our beautiful trees and for enabling us to run our ‘sponsor a tree’ scheme. It worked brilliantly as I’m sure you realised from the numbers of orders. We had a great week – despite the rain – planting the area. The orchard looks amazing. 

We would love to be able to run the scheme a second time – November  for the autumn planting season and at some point, when we get some funds, we would love some REALLY mature trees. Thinking of writing to businesses to ask them to sponsor a large tree. 

Anyway, thank you for your support. We would love to keep in touch and work with Cole’s again – as we are neighbours. The project we are undertaking is huge and will need developing over several years. Hope its ok to contact you again.

Thanks again.


All at Coles wish the school, the students and all supporters well with the project and we look forward to working with them again soon.

Vince Edwards

Customer Development Manager