Deeping Guerrillas

A new group of volunteer Garden makers called the “Deeping Guerrillas” is helping to transform locations around the Lincolnshire Town of Market Deeping.

With our new nursery at Market Deeping we are a perfect supporter for this group of hardy volunteers. Having been contacted by Virginia Moran, we arranged for a selection of plants to be ready for collection from the Deeping Nursery. On arriving Virginia was met by our nursery managers, Boyd & Darren.

“Well what a surprise! I went down to the nursery this morning with a bloke and a small trailer and I have to say we were just gobsmacked at the plants that you donated to us! This will enable us to complete at least the first two projects”

We will as a company continue to offer plants as support for this excellent project and great bunch of volunteers who are adding a little colour and interest around the Town.