Bare Root Season Continues…

As we enter the new year the landscape industry will be in full planting mode for the next few months.

The traditional ‘planting season’ also coincides with the availability of bare-root and root-balled trees.

While container grown trees offer the convenience of all year round supply, the bare-root option still plays a very important role within the landscape industry.

Bare-root and root-balled trees offer fantastic value for money, ease of handling, planting and the ease of establishment for large groups of trees in public open spaces, hedge row establishment, avenues, screening and mixed tree planting areas.

Coles Nurseries can offer a wide range of Native and Ornamental species from stock in sizes from 175/200cm Feathered trees through to 12/14 Heavy Standard. For larger sizes we also offer mechanised field grown root-balls.

Cost management is essential in today’s highly competitive market place. By selecting bare-root stock where appropriate, savings can be made in the actual plant costs, as well as savings in handling, planting and the sundry costs required for bare-root trees.

Another key factor to remember with bare-root trees is the environmental impact they offer – peat free with only a bag to dispose of.

Bare-root and root-balled trees are not always the answer but on many occasions they are the wisest choice and offer the best value.

Having long been the traditional supply form – for hundreds of years in fact – they are still a vital part of the industry today.